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If I Die Today - "The End Of Everything"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

If I Die Today - "The End Of Everything"

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If I Die Today Start Preparations for the Rebuilding!

BlankTV is proud to introduce the new IF I DIE TODAY music video for "The End of Everything" from the new EP called Postcards from the Abyss.

"The End of Everything" is a video in which rock'n'roll, hardcore and punk rock fully merge together, thanks to the production of Andrea Fusini. It's the new workout video for IIDT's record label, This Is Core, the best Italian punk label around.

"It's a protest manifesto, realizing the fact, that everything is ending and this band is looking forward to the comeuppance of the biggest 1% that have held this rotten society together! Let's rebuild something better."

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